Car being charged with solar panels

Charging Your Electric Car at Home with Solar Power

The shift towards greener and more sustainable energy solutions is more evident than ever, especially with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs). At Blackfox Electrical, we frequently get asked if it’s possible to use solar power at home to charge an electric car. The answer? A resounding yes! Harnessing solar power to charge your electric…

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The Future Of Energy Efficient Homes

The Future Of Energy Efficient Homes When it comes to residential energy usage, the previous century has seen incredible changes as relative wealth and technical advances prompted the development of new gadgets and behaviours. The digital revolution has quickened the pace of change even more in the recent decade. Changes in energy use have already…

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ev charge

Benefits to Charging Your Electric Car at Home

Home Charging Home charging stations offer far more advantages than public charging stations. Overall, they’re less expensive, handier, and entirely safe (if properly placed). If you’re still undecided, consider the following three advantages of installing a home charging station. Cost-Effectiveness: Rather than purchasing battery power from a third party as needed, you can pay a…

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