Apartment & Townhouse Installations

Office in an apartment or townhouse?

If you have recently moved into a new office that’s located in an apartment or townhouse, you may be struggling with your electrical solutions. These locations usually have set places for outlets, cables and networking already, which may be compromising on the setup of your office and the functionality of the space. Black Fox Electrical is experienced in electrical installations within apartments and townhouses, including both new builds and renovations. As cabling, lighting, and networks are so essential for commercial businesses, it is vital to have the foundations right for a successful and undisruptive workplace.

home office in apartment
Office in apartment building
Electrical installations in all kinds of buildings

Black Fox Electrical has the knowledge and experience to work on all kinds of buildings in Wellington and Auckland. Having cabling, networks, and outlets that don’t work well for your team can be costly for your business and impact your employees’ productivity. As electrical solutions in apartments and townhouses can be challenging, a trusted and professional electrical team should work on meeting your needs.

Whether you would like to put lights in new locations, need more outlets in different places, or are having problems with networking and cabling, Black Fox Electrical can help. Our experienced team have rewired and cabled apartments and townhouses to fit the needs of business owners and their employees. We provide our solutions quickly and without disruption to your services, ensuring that you get the most out of your electrical systems. If you are struggling to plan out your networks and cabling, we can help create specific solutions for your needs.

Need electrical services done in your office in an apartment or townhouse?

Contact Black Fox Electrical today, who perform electrical installations on all types of buildings, whether they are apartments or townhouses. Our solutions are practical and provide you with your needs quickly. Call us today to discuss your electrical system options.