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Are you unsatisfied with the speed of your internet at home or in the office? Are you looking for a better performing broadband connection but are unsure how to go about it? Black Fox Electrical are experts in organising a network between computers, setting up data cabling for phones, the internet and other purposes in both a residential and commercial location. This part influences the performance of your devices and wifi and will likely cause unwanted issues in the future if they aren’t done to the greatest standard. Engaging the services of a trusted installer is therefore essential.

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Black Fox Electrical has been supporting Wellington homes and businesses with their network cabling jobs for several years. Many are opting for having a complete network set up in their home, allowing them to work from their home office, connect the TV to broadband and have an internet solution that works for their needs. Our friendly team can give you a few suggestions about your home networking if you are interested.

Networking and successful data connections become even more important for businesses, which often solely rely on their systems to be up and running. These also have a need for higher performing strategies that can take a greater load, as multiple people and devices are connected. Businesses often require a telephone, network and voice data cabling to be connected to a single system to function successfully. Black Fox Electrical can support home and office broadbands to offer you the solutions you need.

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Contact the team at Black Fox Electrical today to discuss your networking and data cabling needs in the Wellington and Auckland region. We have the experience to provide you with a broadband connection that is efficient and will last a long time.