Parking & Outdoor Lighting

Lighting up the space outside your commercial space

Commercial lighting involves more than just the interior of your office or retail location. It is also essential to have sufficient light in front of your store or office to let clients know you are open for operation. Parking spaces can be a dark spot around the commercial premises, and making them light up is a great way to keep your employees and clients safe and comfortable. Black Fox Electrical has the knowledge and equipment to provide excellent outdoor lighting solutions in all types of spaces to make your business light up.

Car Park lit up at night
Outdoor cafe front lighting at night
Ensure your commercial space is easily recognisable with outdoor lighting

Even if your interior is lit up well and meets all your needs, you may be missing out on optimising the exterior of your commercial space. A well designed outdoor lighting system can fully transform your office or storefront, influencing your clients or customers to enter your premises. It can be challenging to know what works best for your exterior location without support from an experienced electrician.

We can install spotlights to highlight specific parts of the exterior space, light up parking spaces and showcase certain features of your office or storefront. At Black Fox Electrical, we have unique solutions for area and path lighting to illuminate the road that leads to your commercial space. Our wall washers come in a range of different colours to align with your branding and give the exterior a unique look that makes it stand out from its surroundings.

Get in touch with the commercial lighting experts

Contact Black Fox Electrical for your parking and outdoor lighting. We will provide you with solutions and designs that work well with your commercial space and highlight the specifics that you would like to showcase. Our team will design a bespoke outdoor lighting system for you!