Power Distribution & Wiring

Have you moved into a new commercial building?

Having a stable foundation of the building’s electrical components will set you up for a future without electrical issues. If you have just moved into a new office space or warehouse, Black Fox Electrical can complete the power distribution and wiring to ensure you have outlets, plugs and lights in the specific places that work for your business. Completing this work with a qualified electrician is essential to make the space compatible with your needs and avoid the need for further renovations in the future. Get your wiring sorted out before it will disturb your workflow!

Power distribution tower
Power wiring
Commercial electrical wiring and power distribution

Black Fox Electrical has the knowledge and equipment to wire and work on the power distribution in your building. Once the electricity enters the building, it is the owner’s responsibility to get the power to the outlets from the utility lines. Wires transfer the electricity from one point to another and ensure that all parts of the building get the power that they need. It is essential to distribute the energy safely and efficiently and that it aligns with the amount of power the building uses.

Our team are experts in fitting switchgears, transformers and other electrical equipment to keep your space connected to power at all times and create a solution that works for your needs. We will complete the wiring and fit all the necessary items where they need to be. Black Fox Electrical ensures that your building is safe from electrical faults.

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Contact the team to discuss your needs for the wiring and power distribution of your building early on during the build or renovation process. We will provide some suggestions and ensure you are set up for a safe electrical future.