Electrical Repairs

Repairing electrical systems

Did you just move into a new home and need to rewire the electrical system to ensure that it is safe and works well for your needs? Do you need to upgrade your switchboard? Fox Electrical performs electrical repairs across Wellington and Auckland to get your home and electrical items working to their full potential. It’s important that all electrical components of a home are up to date to keep you safe while living your everyday life. Without repairs and upgrades, accidents can easily occur, so make sure you prevent them!

Black Fox Electrical renovations and repairs

Whether you are renovating or have come across an old wire in your home that looks damaged, Black Fox Electrical can help. Our team of electricians can repair old lights, work on cables, upgrade switchboards and ensure that your home is safe from electrical faults. When we come to do our job in your home, we can assess all electrical components and diagnose and repair issues that you have come across.

No matter how big or small the electrical repair job is, at Black Fox Electrical, we can help. Our knowledge and high-quality equipment make us stand out from the rest, and we can even perform our repairs on the trickiest cases. Before purchasing new electrical components, get our professional team to take a look at the items to save you some money! Black Fox Electrical is experienced in all kinds of electrical work across the home and can offer you excellent benefits with their electrical repairs.

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If you have come across an electrical component that stopped working or are looking for a new switchboard or rewiring, get in touch with Black Fox Electrical. We perform a range of electrical repairs across Wellington and Auckland! Call us today to find out how we can help you!