Whole Home Ventilation

Is your home moist? Do you constantly get condensation on your windows? Are you not satisfied with the air quality in the interior of your house? Whole home ventilation keeps homes dry and warm. Black Fox Electrical can install or upgrade ventilation within your bathrooms, kitchens and laundries to ensure that you get a healthy and dry home throughout the year. Living in a home that has stale air can have a significant negative impact on one’s health. Mould and moisture sports can quickly form if not enough ventilation is provided in a room. Ensure the quality of air within your home is perfect with our whole home ventilation.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

The team at Black Fox Electrical offers a range of solutions to increase air quality within your home. The most common places where people install ventilation are in bathrooms and kitchens, where the air can have increased moisture due to everyday activities, such as cooking and showering. However, whole home ventilation is a more advanced option that many are taking advantage of. We have both positive pressure systems and balanced pressure systems available at Black Fox Electrical to provide your home with the specific need it requires.

Positive pressure systems can often be found in older homes, where the filtered air is distributed through ducting and vents. Balanced pressure systems work well for more airtight homes. This brings air in from the outside through a fan and blows the stale air to the outside completely exchanging the air. We can support your ventilation selection and find the best solution that works for the airtightness of your home. Black Fox Electrical is happy to offer energy-efficient solutions that will increase the quality of life within your home.

Contact us for a New Ventilation

Whether you need whole home ventilation or just fans within your bathrooms and kitchens, the team at Black Fox Electrical can help. We are looking forward to working on your homes in Wellington and Auckland.