Home Theatre and Entertainment

Home theatre setup

Are you thinking about getting a new home theatre system for your house? You should consider several things before investing in this technology, including how many people are going to use it, where you want to set up the entertainment area, and what you would want to use it for. Black Fox Electrical has the knowledge and equipment to set up a home theatre in your house and make sure that all technical systems align. We can provide you with suggestions to ensure you get the most out of your entertainment area within your home!

Home theatre systems in Wellington

If you want a superior home theatre installation in your Wellington home, Black Fox Electrical can help. We will ensure you can enjoy a high-quality screen and sound experience whenever you sit down to watch a movie, a tv show or a game on your entertainment unit. Our team has installed numerous home theatre systems across Wellington and Auckland and are looking forward to working on yours in the region.

The qualified electricians at Black Fox Electrical are able to conceal wiring, install speakers on the interior and outdoor, fit multi-room audio systems and ensure that you get the best screen and sound from your entertainment unit. We can give advice on what package to choose for your specific situation. With Black Fox Electrical, you won’t need to worry about the performance of your home theatre, as we will ensure it gives you the greatest benefits!

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Get in touch with Black Fox Electrical to get a friendly and experienced team to work on your home theatre. We will ensure all cables are in order and your sound and screen perform to their greatest potential. Get the most of your home entertainment with the Black Fox Electrical team!