General and LED lighting upgrades

Do you find that your bedroom is too dark? Would you like to highlight a unique feature in the living room? Although lighting offers a basic function that is needed in all parts of the home, it can also provide much more if placed cleverly and thoughtfully around the house. Black Fox Electrical can install new lights, replace light bulbs and upgrade your old versions to LED lights to offer you the solution you are looking for. Lighting can make or break a home, and through our clever designs, we are able to transform your space with lighting completely.

Lighting solutions from Black Fox Electrical

Black Fox Electrical offers indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for your homes in Wellington and Auckland. Our indoor lighting does much more than just illuminate a specific room in your home. It is also able to create a specific mood and cleverly highlight an art piece or feature that you want to raise attention to. The possibilities with lighting are endless, and we can increase the functionality of your home through thoughtful designs. We can install lights in all rooms and spaces and are experts in energy-efficient LED options.

At Black Fox Electrical, we are also able to offer outdoor lighting solutions for your home. We can illuminate a deck or patio or direct lights along pathways and onto specific trees and garden features. Our team can provide outstanding electrical lighting services across Wellington and Auckland to get you the design you are looking for.

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