Heat Pump Installation

Wellington and Auckland heat pump installers

Do you need a new heat pump to control the temperature in your home? Have you had enough of the cold nights in the winter and are looking for a cost-effective solution? Black Fox Electrical can install modern heat pumps into your home to provide you with the ideal temperature control. Heat pumps don’t have to be an expensive investment and are one of the most efficient ways of cooling and heating a building. They can also act as dehumidifiers and air purifiers, and with their versatility, offer excellent solutions for the whole of New Zealand.

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Black Fox Electrical heat pump solutions

The Black Fox Electrical team is experienced in installing heat pumps in all types of buildings across Wellington and Auckland. Our professional Electricians have several years of experience offering heating solutions to our clients. We provide a quality, friendly, and efficient heat pump installation service that is sure to get you the results you are looking for. Black Fox Electrical helps find an ideal place for your heat pump in your home that will offer you the greatest benefits.

Once your heat pump is installed, we can also regularly service them to ensure no issues arise and they are kept up to standard. Our team are experts in installing all types of heat pumps, including high-wall, ceiling-mounted, floor-mounted, single-split, multi-split and ducted heat pump options. Black Fox Electrical can offer you excellent benefits with our heat pump installations and servicing options, so you won’t ever feel cold again in your home!

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Get in touch with Black Fox Electrical today to discuss your heat pump needs and find an ideal solution for your home. Our team can support you in selecting the right heat pump for your situation and ensure it offers you the greatest benefits!