Programmable Logic Controller

If your industrial computer is giving you some trouble and you are having electrical issues with controlling your manufacturing process, Black Fox Electrical can help. PLCs are widely used in industrial and manufacturing automation systems to increase the rate of production and improve operations. These computers are extremely complicated, and often electrical issues can arise that your industrial team might not be able to solve. Our team ensures that your Programmable Logic Controllers aren’t out of work for an extended time and that your business doesn’t get affected by an electrical issue. We provide emergency electrical work and can even perform repairs out of business hours!

Industrial electrical repairs and maintenance

At Black Fox Electrical, we have several years of experience working on PLCs across the Wellington and Auckland region. The high-technology equipment lets us find issues within the system quickly, and we are often able to solve the problem within a few hours. If you have just got a new programmable logic controller, we can also support your business in the installation of the computer and make sure that the electrical components are functioning accordingly.

We also perform regular maintenance on industrial computers to detect any underlying issues that may be present. Our team can change and optimise power supply units and ensure that the input and output of the controller are functioning well. If you are looking for a trusted industrial electrician in Wellington and Auckland, then Black Fox Electrical will be an excellent choice for you!

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