Power Distribution

Industrial power distribution systems

Industrial businesses need a reliable and efficient flow of electricity for the production and management of all operations. Power distribution systems are required to get the power into different circuits and units. It is important for industrial power distributors to be working well, as a sudden fluctuation in power can damage machinery and hurt the process. A well-functioning power distribution system ensures that all your electrical components work well and are protected in case of an emergency. Black Fox Electrical is able to optimise your power distribution for all your needs across Wellington and Auckland.

Industrial power distribution

Our team has the required knowledge and experience to install, repair and maintain power distribution systems of a range of types and sizes. Some distribution systems are able to monitor and track power consumption and electricity leakage in the circuit, providing the information to machine operators, who can then make decisions accordingly. We optimise the placement of transformers, capacitors, switchgear and other electrical equipment to ensure that the flow of power remains uninterrupted.

Black Fox Electrical can help set up your power distribution systems in your industrial space and ensure that they protect your machinery and electrical components from power surges. Our electricians are able to help you create a system that provides the necessary electricity to each unit through circuits. We ensure that your workers and systems are kept safe and that the performance of your machinery is maximised. We are looking forward to supporting industrial businesses in Wellington and Auckland!

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