Audio/Video Surveillance

Industrial surveillance

Audio and video surveillance is an important aspect of the protection and security of your industrial business. Warehouses have expensive equipment and stock that needs to be secured from unwanted visitors. No one would like their industrial space to be broken into, equipment to be damaged, or products to be stolen. Having audio and video surveillance in the right places can deter robbers from breaking into your buildings and will help secure all your stock and products. Black Fox Electrical has a range of surveillance systems available to offer solutions for different-sized businesses across the Wellington and Auckland regions.

Audio and video surveillance installation

The industrial team at Black Fox Electrical can fit, maintain and repair all types of audio and video surveillance systems. We will support you in selecting the best model for your needs and design their placement so your most vulnerable areas, such as doors, windows and other entrances, are constantly under surveillance. Our electrical team will ensure that your system is optimised and that all electrical components are functioning well.

We also perform maintenance and repairs on audio and video surveillance to fix any issues that you might be experiencing. Our team can perform on the day repairs and maintenance and are even able to order damaged parts for you. Black Fox Electrical strives to support industrial businesses in the Wellington and Auckland regions in any way we can. Let our team optimise the safety and security of your warehouse with our high-quality and modern audio and video surveillance systems!

Contact the Black Fox Electrical team

Get in touch with our team if you are looking for an optimal surveillance system for your industrial location. Our digital security cameras save all the footage, so you can look and listen back on all that has happened on your premises!