Pool & Spa

Spa & Pool Electrical

Have you bought a new spa for your home? Do you need lights and heating to be connected to your pool? At Black Fox Electrical, we ensure you are able to use your spa and pool even when the sun goes down. Our electrical services will enable the jets in your spa to perform to their full potential, and gone will be the days when you can’t enjoy them fully. If you don’t want to be cold when you jump into the pool for a swim, get support from our electricians. We can fully heat and illuminate the water features in your home.

Spa lights, heating and electrical services

Black Fox Electrical can create an amazing mood for your pool lighting and create a unique solution for your needs and space. We have halogen and LED lighting to illuminate the pool and spa within your home. We can fit water-resistant lights into and around your pool and spa to ensure that you are safe while enjoying a soak. Our team can perform new installs and repairs on all types of spas and pools and support you in all stages of your water feature journey.

Heating can also add significant benefits to your pool, and we can provide this solution, so you can use the pool at all times during the year. If the heating system within your spa gets damaged, we are also able to repair this as soon as possible, so you can enjoy the luxury. Our professional electricians are fully dedicated to spa and pool safety!

Pool and Spa Electrician

The friendly team at Black Fox Electrical are experienced in working on all types of pools and spas in the Wellington and Auckland region. Contact us today to discuss your needs with us and how we can help you!