Design and Installation

Industrial electrical installations

If you have recently purchased a new industrial space for your business and are planning to establish a new location, you will need an experienced electrician to help with the design and installation of systems. Black Fox Electrical works closely together with businesses to learn about their needs and requirements and designs electrical systems for your new space. It is important to have all the necessary electrical equipment before you start producing and working in your industrial company to prevent any issues. We can set up all electrical systems and get you prepared for successful business performance.

Designing and installing electrical systems

If you have purchased a brand new space that has no established electrical systems in place, we can help you design a solution that works for your needs. Black Fox Electrical works closely together with industrial businesses to get them ready for improved production and prepare the new space for optimised performance. We are also able to design new electrical systems for established industrial locations and change the wiring and other components to fit your needs.

Our team is able to install automation systems, such as a Programmable Logic Controller, to set up all the electrical components in your industrial location. No matter what electrical equipment you need to be installed, we can help. Our team is also able to create a lighting solution that works exceptionally well for the warehouse that you will be based in. Get a professional team that understands the importance of functional spaces to work on your industrial business!

Contact the Wellington and Auckland electricians

Get in touch with Black Fox Electrical if you are setting up a new industrial space or are performing renovations. We can help with all electrical components and create a system that works exceptionally well for your needs.