Full Electrical Installation

Industrial electrical installations

The electrical systems, networks and components of an industrial business are essential for the success of the company. Without the necessary power levels, lighting and machinery, it can be challenging to run a business and optimise the production of products. Black Fox Electrical can complete full electrical installations in all sized industrial buildings across Wellington and Auckland. We take care of all electrical parts, ranging from automation, relocating equipment, video surveillance, lighting and power distribution systems. Get a licenced and professional industrial electrician to work on your electrical systems and get the most benefits from your networks.

Installing a range of electrical systems

Whether you are moving into a brand new warehouse or have rented out an established one, you will need to install electrical systems to meet your needs. Having an optimised workspace for your employees is essential so that they can perform their work to the greatest standard. For automated machinery and the usage of a programmable logic controller, special power circuits and equipment need to be installed and set to the correct standard. All this needs to be optimised before production begins to ensure that no disruptions will happen to the business.

Black Fox Electrical will work closely together with industrial business owners and create a plan for their electrical systems that provides the warehouse with excellent benefits. We are licensed industrial electricians who promise to perform the highest quality jobs for all industrial spaces in Wellington and Auckland. Get the most of your industrial business with us!

Get in touch with our industrial electricians

If you need electrical work done on your industrial space, contact the friendly team at Black Fox Electrical. Our installations range from lights, wiring, equipment relocations and all other components. We will create the optimal space for your needs!